27 - 29 Октября 2017

Real Estate Fair

Real Estate Fair is the largest real estate exhibition in Russia, presenting urban and suburban property in St. Petersburg and also foreign real estate. Over a period of 15 years Real Estate Fair became the key event in city’s life, with about 300 companies taking part and over 32,000 visitors.

Facts and Figures
The background of the Showroom reveals the growing demand for real estate in St. Petersburg in the past 9-10 years. From 2006 to the present time the audience of the exhibition doubled to 7,000 people. This spring 40 companies took part in the XIX Showroom.

The event is advertised all across the city
The active advertising campaign launches two months before the exhibition and covers the entire city territory. The events include TV commercials (including federal top rating TV networks), outdoor advertising, targeted mailing programs, transport commercial announcements, internet advertising and publications in authoritative specialized publications. The exhibition takes pride in cooperation projects with over 100 media partners.

Rich business program
Showroom’s Business Program includes work-shops and presentations covering crucial topics related to real estate acquisitions in various countries. The seminar schedule is published in advance in mass media and mailed to all our partners and clients.

The official exhibition’s edition
The official magazine of the event, Real Estate Market Guide contains information about all Showrooms’ participants, reference information about various countries, companies’ information and their commercial offers. All exhibition visitors can have their copy of the Guide for free. A total of 10,000 copies of the Guide are published.


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